About My Profile (Zhafira )

Hai Friends

Name : Zhafira Zhafarina

Nickname : Fira


Grade : 7h and 8h in SPEDUSA right now

Hobbies : Travelling, Cycling, Reading Novel or interesting book, Swimming, Browsing, Photography, Listening Music

I love KPOP, Orchestra, and Other American song that interesting.

My first goal in 8H is to make friends with all friends in my class… altough i can’t

My Best Friend that always UNDERSTANDING and always MAKE ME SMILE and LAUGH :

  1. Prima Sekar Ayu now in 8e (7h with me)
  2. Anisa Meliana now in 8d (7h with me)
  3. Fairuz Azmila Purnomo now in 8f (7h with me )
  4. Jihan Syahidah now in 8h with me
  5. Anisa Safira Elvarani now in 8h with me
  6. Kiki Meidiana now in 8h with me

That’s about me, if you want know more about me

CONTACT : Active Number : 085 727 965 609

Go Follow —> @zhafariku26 (kalo aku ubah nama twitterku, aku ubah juga disini)

Go Add —> Fira Zhafarina. OK  ! ;-)

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